Clemens doped

Three things really struck me from yesterday:
1) Clemens claimed that he only discussed his wife using HGH with Pettitte. But his wife (who has now admitted to using HGH) did not use until 3 years after Pettitte claims he talked to Clemens about HGH. In short, his story just does not add up.
2) How would Clemens’ wife know to ask McNamee to inject her with HGH? Doesn’t it stand to reason that she would know this from her husband – who hired McNamee as a personal trainer for the better part of a decade (and even included in his Yankees contract a stipulation that the NYY bring McNamee in from Toronto)?
But, the most important:
3) Despite the fact that McNamee is obviously an unsavory character, we now know that he told the truth about Pettitte, about Knoblauch, and about Debbie Clemens. But we are to think that McNamee is telling the truth about everyone else, but lying about Clemens? Remember that the feds promised McNamee the harshest penalties available if he was found to have lied.

I am at once sad and pleased. Pleased, in a rather perverse way, because I hate Roger Clemens. But mostly sad – it is just a really sad time for baseball. Think about this: the best hitter and pitcher of this generation (and arguably the best of each all-time) are both now widely considered cheaters, and both could conceivably be looking at jail time.

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