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Is philosophy dead?

In my Contemporary European Philosophy class, I often remark that Nz’s declaration of the death of god (and Foucault’s sequel, the death of the subject) turned out to be, shall we say, rather premature.  The death of philosophy has been … Continue reading

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Links roundup, 12.14

A Finals Week links roundup for your procrastinating pleasure. Some Christmas flash mobs have been committing “random acts of culture”, click here and here. An article on the environmental efforts at Vatican City. Given the age of the buildings, it … Continue reading

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Saint Nicholas’ Feast Day

Today is the feast day of Saint Nicholas (the real one). I was reading up on some hagiography (study of the saints) and came upon this story. The tradition is thin here, but it is a story worth telling all … Continue reading

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Anscombe on Transubstantiation

A wonderful little article by the brilliant Elizabeth Anscombe on the meaning of transubstantiation and how to communicate it to children (and adults).

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Medical Science under Dictatorship

Students interested in applied ethics should read this classic essay by Dr. Leo Alexander, the Chief Counsel for War Crims in Nuremberg (1949 publication). It explores the question of what drives healers to become killers, what motivates physicians to accept … Continue reading

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Culture of vice

Two great articles on what is happening in the culture wars. Among the best explanations I have read on how private rationalizations can turn into public and cultural revolution (as Aristotle says in the Ethics, “men start revolutionary changes for … Continue reading

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