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Links roundup, 1.28

Today is the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, the great Catholic theologian and perhaps the greatest philosopher in the history of the west. Here is a short video from Fr. Robert Barron introducing Aquinas, and particularly his view on … Continue reading

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Princess culture

I have three young daughters (4, 2, 6 months). Anyone with girls that age knows all about the tyrannical “princess” culture that is simply in the air for children of that age. It is everywhere – toys, books, music, at … Continue reading

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Links roundup, 1.25

Fr Schall offers a reflection on why God hides, leaning heavily on Pope John Paul II’s book Crossing the Threshold of Hope. There, JPII suggests that while God does hide, there is a sense in which he has revealed himself … Continue reading

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Neurobabble and Aristotle

Over the last year I have been introduced to the work of Edward Feser, a philosopher and writer from California. I read two of his books this last year, and recommend them both. The first was Aquinas: A Beginners Guide … Continue reading

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Links roundup, 1.20

With the business of the new semester, I have not had time to post anything here. I wanted to catch up a bit with a links roundup. Joe Carter offers some “unsolicited advice” to young conservatives. Good advice all around … Continue reading

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Links roundup, 1.6

A few links today: An excerpt from the Catechism on subsidiarity (a fundamental concept in Catholic social teaching) along with a very funny Daily Show clip that makes the point. For those wanting to celebrate Epiphany in style, some instructions … Continue reading

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Joyous Epiphany!

Happy Epiphany (12th day of Christmas)! Though I suspect few families do this, we observe the 12 Days of Christmas and Epiphany in our house. With young children, we do so by singing the well-know “12 Days of Christmas” song. … Continue reading

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