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Pardon my sneer

Forgive my sneer. This article discusses the lack of rigor in colleges of business. Business majors spend less time studying than any other major and show the weakest gains in the first two years of college in writing and reasoning … Continue reading

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Links roundup, 4.28

60 Minutes got a rare visit to the Orthodox monastery at Mt. Athos. Watch part 1 here and part 2 here. Why does the Easter holiday seem to resist the secularization and commercialization that has overtaken Christmas? This article tries … Continue reading

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Links roundup, 4.14

Msgr. Pope reflects on a passage from Pope Benedict’s new book where Benedict considers the question of truth (particularly Pilate’s “What is truth?” question) and how this relates to , especially as that question relates to politics and the public … Continue reading

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Budget battles

A quick thought on the recent budget battle. A big win for Republicans, I think. The entire debate occurred on their turf as the Democrats ceded all of the philosophical ground. Why do I say that? If the Democrats wanted … Continue reading

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Why you should come to class

I ran some statistics on my USU 1320 class to see what kind of correlation there was between class attendance and student success. Of course doing so required making certain assumptions: a) I asked that students in class today only … Continue reading

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Is religion “shoved down your throat”?

This short blog post tries to bust the myth that religion is “shoved down people’s throats.” My experience as a non-Mormon living in Utah is that I have never really felt like Mormonism was being "shoved down my throat" by … Continue reading

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Links roundup 4.4

I was featured in a USU Retention and Student Success journal. I wrote a brief summary of my philosophy of education there. Read it here. The King James Bible After Four Centuries (A 400th Birthday Party) event on Tuesday afternoon … Continue reading

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