Sartorial matters

I stumbled on a blog called “Put This On" some time back. Lots of fun information and commentary on gentlemanly dress. The web video episodes (see the right side of the homepage) are definitely worth watching (there are 7 of them which run about 12 minutes each).  
The blog and the webisodes feature Jesse Thorn, who is best known for his public radio show called “The Sound of Young America.” He is an excellent interviewer.  Thorn is also something of a public face for a philosophical/cultural movement called "The New Sincerity".  The New Sincerity is a post-postmodern movement that seeks to get beyond the banal irony and cultural recycling of postmodernity. I don’t know enough about it yet to sign on, but people who talk about the New Sincerity often mention figures like Jean-Luc Marion, which is promising. As best as I can tell, my attraction to bow ties fits the New Sincerity movement. I don’t wear bow ties because of some "hipster" bit of cultural irony.  Rather, there is a real sincerity to it.  I like bow ties, I think they are awesome.  I’ve gotten over the wasteland of postmodern nihilism and irony and can actually appreciate an aesthetic with, well, sincerity.

About Kleiner

Associate Vice Provost and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Utah State University. I teach across the curriculum, but am most interested in continental philosophy, ancient and medieval philosophy as well as Catholic thought, all of which might be summed up as an interest in the ressourcement tradition (returning in order to make progress). I also enjoy spending time thinking about liberal education and its ends.
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