About Dr. Kleiner

Harrison Kleiner, Ph.D.  Assoc. Vice Provost for General Education, Assoc. Professor of Philosophy at Utah State University.RC.BigQuestions-890x395_c 2
Office: Geology, 421B, 435-797-2388, harrison.kleiner@usu.edu

For my undergraduate eduction, I attended a small liberal arts college in eastern Iowa called Cornell College.  I earned an M.A. in philosophy at Boston College and then my Ph.D. at Purdue.

Here at Utah State, I teach across the curriculum in philosophy, specializing in being a generalist, so to speak.  My own personal intellectual interests are quite broad but most notably are in philosophy of nature, ancient and medieval philosophy, continental philosophy, anti-modern Christian humanism, and Catholic thought, all of which might be summed up as an interest in the ressourcement tradition (returning in order to make progress).  I also been spending considerable time thinking about liberal education.

Books, Publications, and Recent Presentations

The Perennial Conversation: An Introduction to Philosophy.
Great Ideas: Fragments of Western Civilization (with Charlie Huenemann).
– “Teaching Critical Thinking,” Assignment Design Charrette, March 2015.
– “Reviving the Story of College: Recapturing General Education’s Value,” 35th Annual FYE Conference, February 2016.
– “Becoming a Learner: Framing the Purpose of a College Education,” 35th Annual FYE Conference, February 2016.
– “Philosophy as Desire Formation: Glaucon and General Eduction,” 10th Annual Intermountain Philosophical Society Conference, November 2015.
– “The Challenge of Pluralism: Metaphysics and General Eduction,” Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters Annual Conference, March 2015.
– “Myth, Moral Education, and the Liberal Arts,” Intermountain Philosophical Society, November 2014.

Current Projects:
– Chapter on Faith and Reason in Catholicism and Mormonism, for Catholic Challenge to Mormonism.
“The Erotics of Teaching” (article)
– “The Challenge of Pluralism: Metaphysics of Man and General Education” (article)
– “Degree Qualification Profile: A Teaching Philosophy from Principle to Practice” (article)
– Philosophy of Religion (college level textbook)

A list of courses I will be teaching in coming terms can be found here.

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