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On unwritten rules

For Tour de France lovers, I wanted to chime in on the debate over Aru attacking Froome on the mechanical.  For those who have no idea what I am talking about, here is a brief summary of the situation: There … Continue reading

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On Coach Anderson leaving

I am finding myself far more bitter about Coach Anderson’s abrupt departure than I would have expected.  I am not a huge USU sports fan, though I was starting to get excited about the football program.  I am generally not … Continue reading

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Bicycle Review

For some time I have been meaning to write a review of my now not so new bicycle.  This week is ‘bike to work week’ around the country, so it seemed like a good occasion.  Read on for my full … Continue reading

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Manning to Denver

Click to see larger view.

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Varitek retires

Another stalwart member of the Red Sox has hung them up – this time the great Jason Varitek.  There was always so much to like with Varitek.  He was the backbone of the team for so many years.  Varitek’s numbers … Continue reading

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Wakefield retires

Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield retired today.  I love Wake.  The Form of Unselfishness in an era of incredibly selfish ballplayers.  Wake was willing to do anything for the team.  He started, did middle relief, set-up, even closed.  He was … Continue reading

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End of baseball season …

A. Bartlett Giamatti – former commissioner of baseball, on the game: “It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again. And it blossoms in the summer, filling … Continue reading

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Red Sox woes

So a season that began back in April is down to 2 games. What an incredible collapse by the Red Sox. I am not feeling optimistic about their chances. My buddy Graham rightly pointed out that the team has had … Continue reading

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Clemens doped

Three things really struck me from yesterday:1) Clemens claimed that he only discussed his wife using HGH with Pettitte. But his wife (who has now admitted to using HGH) did not use until 3 years after Pettitte claims he talked … Continue reading

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Schilling out?

Well, I guess we’ll need to hold off on the duck boat parade down Charles. Schilling reportedly has a shoulder problem, it might even end his career.My expectations of Schill were pretty modest this year. Last year he pitched 151 … Continue reading

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