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Mr Rogers Neighborhood

I have been spending a lot of time this summer doing two things, one professional and one personal.  Professionally I have undertaken a substantial overhaul of my USU courses (objectives, assignments).  Personally, I have spent a lot of time doing … Continue reading

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RIP, Abby

My beloved chocolate lab, Abby, died today.  She was almost 8 years old.  She was diagnosed with a very aggressive bone cancer for which there was no real treatment. I’ll admit that Abby was the kind of dog that only … Continue reading

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Colorado Springs fire

Things are really scary in my hometown of Colorado Springs.  Friends who still live in town tell me that it looks like hell on earth.  My brother-in-law is a police officer in town who has been helping evacuate neighborhoods.  People … Continue reading

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An exercise in silence

Some of my students signed up a few weeks ago for an extra credit project.  The project required them to stay away from glowing screens (cell phones, television, facebook, twitter, etc) for two weeks. Of 150 students, 53 signed up … Continue reading

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Blog moving

Apple’s MobileMe service will be discontinued soon so I will no longer have a host for this blog. As a result, I have moved and re-branded my blog. Go to for my new blog.

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Welcome to the Saint Socrates site and blog

Welcome to my newly “re-branded” blog!  It is still somewhat under construction, but I am officially shutting down my old mobileme blog and moving to this site.

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Office move

I have moved offices. I am no longer in Main 341A; you can now find me in Main 311. It is a miniature hobbit hole of an office, so don’t wear anything bulky if you come to see me.

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Sartorial matters

I stumbled on a blog called “Put This On" some time back. Lots of fun information and commentary on gentlemanly dress. The web video episodes (see the right side of the homepage) are definitely worth watching (there are 7 of … Continue reading

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“the pipe” review

‘the pipe’: A Case Study in the Errors of Modernity" I visited my parents earlier this month, and my father gave me a number of his old pipes. He rarely smokes them any longer, so was pleased to pass them … Continue reading

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Long lost twin?

For students wanting to know what I looked like in college. (click “read more” for a bigger version of picture). This photo has been circulating around some of my old friends from Cornell College. I have no idea who the … Continue reading

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